Akintunde Ahmad Has A 5.0 GPA, 2100 SAT Score & Acceptance To Multiple Ivies

17-year-old student at Oakland Tech in Oakland, Calif., who achieved a 5.0 GPA and 2,100 on the SAT, has been accepted to top colleges and numerous Ivy League Universities: Brown, Chapman, Cal Poly, Cal State East Bay, Columbia, Howard, Northwestern, UCLA, USC and Yale Uni where he has received a baseball scholarship. Ahmad is leaving some people in shock at his accomplishments Ahmad describes himself as a “street dude” while admitting that his physique can be intimidating to people who are judgmental. Even his peers have underestimated him until he pulls out his cellphone to present them with images of his grades and test scores to provide proof.Ahmad has decided to narrow his choices to two schools Yale and Brown with plans of majoring in Pre-med or Pre-law.    

Well all I can say is I am proud of him and all other black young men doing well in school. I hope to hear more of him and others

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Celebrate Batman’s 75th Anniversary with the Best of Batman on Texts From Superheroes




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On this day: TLC II breaks down into an even wilder affair than the Hardy Boyz, E&C and Dudley Boyz’s previous Ladder matches, climaxing with Lita, Rhyno and Spike Dudley providing assistance for their respective teams, but ultimately ending with Rhyno helping Christian up the ladder to win his and Edge’s seventh Tag Team Championship. (4/1/01)


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WIP - Quite feeling this one.

WIP - Quite feeling this one.

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book sneak. pt. 2

50+ double page compositions.

karborn 2014

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Yes, friends. We are on Medium.

As a matter of fact, we’ve been writing on Medium for a few weeks now. We are a part of a great collection of producers with our friends I Love Charts.

If you want quick access to some of our most frequently asked questions, click here for our…

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We’re not bad people. We just come from a bad place. Shame (2011).

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Joe Ling   |

"The logo is four letterforms drawn from two different perspectives.  The letters are freestanding forms designed to represent IKEA’s furniture in a room, showing the ability to mix and match with different angles, styles, and perspectives. The logo is organic, just like IKEA, it changes from a black line to a colored one to fit its context. The rest of the identity is based around the four primary colors (all sampled from current IKEA ranges) and the idea of assembly. The logo is often split up across several different elements (business card, and lanyard) which requires interaction to assemble and create the logo - exactly what IKEA is all about. "

Joe Ling is a second year Graphic Design student at Norwich University of the Arts. He has a particular passion for print design, editorial design, branding, and analogue/digital photography. 

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WIP portrait test

WIP portrait test

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The Attitude Era

That’s what I’m talking about

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